Answering the Most Important Web Hosting Questions for Bloggers

I would suggest getting a domain name that is not included with your web hosting. That way if you ever want to change hosting companies you can move your domain name to the new company.

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The modern age has given rise to what we call as bloggers – the pioneers of information in the online world. These are the people who supply the internet with most of the much-needed content. Some of them are even rewarded greatly for their efforts, which is why more individuals are eager to learn the field and get started.

But first things first, you need to know how to set up your website. If you’re serious about blogging, then you should know that this is not something you can rush. Deciding the niche to participate in, planning your domain name, choosing the right web host; these concerns require careful consideration as they will have a significant impact on how things will go down the road.

The first issue that may confuse aspiring bloggers is the difference between domain hosting and web hosting. The best way to understand this is to know the clear difference between a domain and the website itself.

The website contains the pages that are accessible through a web browser while the domain or domain name is used as an address that points to said site. An example of a domain name would be When a user types in your domain name in a browser, it will then be translated to the IP address of your server which sends out the content needed to load your site.

Finally, these two entities are set up and hosted separately. A domain is first registered through a domain registrar like NameCheap and GoDaddy before it can be used for building a website, which is then registered and hosted through a service like HostGator. There are also plenty of web hosting services that include web hosting and domain registration in a single package.




How to Get Google to Send You 119,717 Visitors Every Month


We all know that getting people to follow our blogs is not always easy. Follow these tips and you may end up with over 100,000 followers a month.

I’ll never forget the first time I got 100,000 visitors from Google traffic in one month. I still feel extremely lucky.. Today I’m going to show you how I think I did it. When you first think about starting a blog you kind of don’t imagine you’ll ever get more than a trickle of traffic.

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