Is a Website Complete Without SEO?

After the booming success of digital marketing and SEO in recent years, should every web dev think about when creating a website? Many web devs don’t think about SEO at all, which is fine, but when Google penalises a site for some reason everyone always comes back to an SEO seeking help. Web devs make the website user friendly, and digital marketers and SEO’s do the same but they also recognise that Google is a user too.

The simple fact of the matter is that if you want users to land on your site you will need to understand how search engines work, and understand what they want your site to do. In recent years search engines have become much better at picking out high quality, relevant and user friendly site’s. Businesses are beginning to understand that Google matters, and are making the link between good user interaction and Google rankings.

Yes, Google did tell you to focus on the users. Focusing on the users is all good and well, but at times search engines can get confused and this is understandable, as the way they are ranking websites is based on algorithm’s. Algorithm’s simply cannot assess a website in the same way that a user would, so it is good to accept that at times, you will have to build a website with search engines in the back of your mind, which is where the title of this article comes into play.

Building a website is complicated, and making the perfect website requires a huge amount of thought and consideration. Think of this like a jigsaw puzzle, it wouldn’t be complete without all the pieces. SEO is one of those pieces. Chances are that if you have a website, you are competing against hundreds of other websites that are trying to do the same thing as you. SEO is what will allow you to do the same thing as your competitors, but will teach you how to do it better.

Being on the front page of Google for a popular term is of course a huge driver of , and will allow your digital presence to experience success. SEO will also allow you to learn what users love, hate and don’t care about, so another useful part of utilising SEO is the learning curve that this brings about your exact audience. In all aspects of business knowledge is power, and this is often overlooked by businesses but should be thought about much more than it actually is.



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5 ways to boost your traffic in 2016

The question of how to build traffic is something asked more times than we all want to admit.  We look at our , sigh deeply, and wonder why nothing has changed since the day before.

We live in an economy where everyone is fighting for consumer attention, and there’s only so much to go around. In order to stand out from the noise we need to have the mindset of “best available” instead of “good enough”.

“Linkable assets are simply awesome pages on your site that you can leverage for links over and over (and over) again. However, because they have to be phenomenal, they aren’t easy to make.” – Neil Patel, Quick Sprout.

I’m so tired of hearing the phrase “content is king” because it gives businesses the impression that producing mediocre content will make an impact on your traffic, it’ wont!

Using paid tools we can identify 1) what is being shared (best content), 2) who is sharing it (influencers) and 3) where it’s being shared (links) so we can then promote our content to a proven audience.



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