5 Tips to Building a Profitable List

Mail to your list immediately! As soon as you have one subscriber send out an email. The email can be as simple asd a than you for subscribing.

Offer something for free. A freebie is an item that you will give away to people who fill in their name and email address to get on your list.

Send your list something of value; like I am doing here. I am offering tips on building your list.

If you don’t know what your customers want then ask them. Find out what problem you can solve.

Keep in constant contact with your list. You should email your list as often as you deem appropriate.

Top Tips For Nurturing Your Website

Be Revealing: “Let the world see what is going on inside the company,” Jaffe says. “You want to show people the company’s inner workings and, by doing so, keep them coming back.”

 Transparency is the key to trust. The more your audience trusts you, the more they are likely to buy from you.

Tell A Story: “When I build a website, it is about telling a story, and the website must embody that story,” he says. “Have videos on your page, as it is another way to reach your client. Also, make sure that there are high-quality photo galleries and a portfolio section.”

Who doesn’t like a good story? Let your audience know about something funny that happened to you recently. Or let the know how your business is going.

Embrace : Jaffe says social media should be at the heart of a company’s Internet presence. “You must manage your site so that all social media pages directly lead to content that is already on your website,” he says.

 Connect, connect, connect. Be sure all of your social media sites link back to your webpage and its content.

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