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John Crestani's Internet Jetset

John Crestani's Internet Jetset

All the strategies included in this system are free and after paying for this product you don’t need to spend money on new methods.


    The member’s area includes tons of useful information


      There is too much hype created by John


        The product is good, but the money will come in slower than expected




          John Crestani’s Internet Jetset

          This is a review of the Internet Jetset program by John Crestani.

          I was on YouTube a few months ago and a video advertisement came up about this affiliate marketing course. I had tried several course over the years but nothing worked. There were always pieces to the puzzle missing.

          Needless to say, I signed up for the free webinar and ended up purchasing the course. I figured 47 dollars was worth the price.

          Here is a screen shot of what you will get when you sign up:

          Here is a rundown of the main course:

          Introduction to Internet Jetset

          The first module is an introduction to the Internet Jetset course and getting your first commissions quickly.

          Choosing Your Niche

          This video show you how to choose your niche (what you are going to sell). It also talks about how to get into a network or affiliate program so that you have a product to sell.

          The next three videos discuss free traffic methods for getting your product out there and getting people to buy.


          This module tells you about traffic strategies for google as well as SEO and keyword selection.


          How to get started with YouTube by posting videos.


          Facebook traffic, engaging with your audience and making you post viral.

          Your Website

          This video is for those of you who wish to go the route of a website. Setting up your website as well as themes, tools, and plugins are talked about.

          These are the main modules that will get you well on your way to getting started. Watch these videos at least twice then decide one route to take at first. It is stressed many times that you choose on method: Facebook or Youtube, or Google to get started.

          For what this course has to offer I would recommend that you give it a shot. There is a recurring charge of $49 a month if you want to continue getting the webinars which you can cancel at any time and still keep the course.

          I have provided a link below so you can get started today.

          Click here to start today!