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Crisea sells a variety of products, including shower heads, LED bowties and knit hats and uses Imgur for advertising its site. COURTESY PHOTO / CRISEA.CO


A College of William and Mary international finance class inspired Kent Rollins ’18 to found Crisea, an online start-up that sells LED products at discount prices. While the company is based out of Rollins’ in Richmond, fellow students Daniel Hansen ’18, Tyler Treakle ’18, Neil McLean ’18, Kyle Perigard ’18 and John Murphy ’18 assisted in Crisea’s founding and help with its current operations.


Rollins said he realized that he could create a website to sell his products at a much lower cost than major corporations do because his company would not have the same overhead costs. He registered with the Virginia State Corporation Commission and the IRS, opened a separate bank account, and the company was born. Crisea is based out of Rollins’ home in Richmond because the College prohibits students from basing companies out of dorm rooms.


He looks for products that he thinks college kids would find cool and that are often expensive because they are rare in the United States. The company also saves on shipping by buying products in bundles.


“I was thinking about Crimea and I thought of Crisea (pronounced the same way) and it worked,” Hansen said. “We think 8 percent of our is from Russia because people mistype Crimea and end up on our website.”



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