8 Tips for Improving Your E-commerce Website

The information on a website is categorized by the web crawlers for a search engine. If the information has not been categorized, then potential customers will not be able to find your information in the search results. A customer may enter a search request on Google for a torque wrench and not receive information about your website but rather your competitor, which will affect your bottom line. Read about silos to understand how to structure your website.


A website should be easy to navigate and should be updated with current information. You must periodically evaluate the features of your website and verify that those features function properly such as that the links are not broken and that visitors are redirected to pertinent information. If the website design is confusing, then visitors will quickly lose interest while they are reading your information.


If you are selling eccentric, funny or interesting products, people will likely want to share it with their friends. If your products are truly unique or useful, adding a Facebook share and Twitter tweet button could offer a tremendous increase in to your e-commerce website.


On top of share buttons, if you’re not established in your industry, it would be best to show social authority and popularity on the most popular platforms. Social media websites can be used to attract more customers because your e-commerce business will be presented on more than one website. If you have a Facebook page, then your customers can quickly connect with you and also receive information about your e-commerce business. You can post weekly updates about new or popular products, in addition to exclusive sales. If your social profiles are new, it would be wise to get more followers and likes on your pages. The going rate for 100,000 Twitter followers ranges from as little as $75 to $300 and always differ in quality. Do your research.


Your e-commerce website should be designed with features that will accommodate the needs of your customers. The website should have links that function correctly and be presented in a format that can be recognized by the web crawlers, which will help the search engines to categorize your information. Here are eight useful tips:



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A web of cyber controversy: UC monitoring of campus network traffic sparks outrage among faculty | The Daily Californian

English: Campus of the UC Berkeley in Berkeley...
English: Campus of the UC Berkeley in Berkeley, California, United States (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

News of the monitoring spread Thursday afternoon when Ethan Ligon, campus associate professor and one of six members of the school’s Academic Senate-Administration Joint Committee on Campus Information Technology, sent out an email to the campus College of Natural Resources’ faculty that alerted members to the installation of a powerful monitoring device in the campus data center.


“The intrusive device is capable of capturing and analyzing all network to and from the Berkeley campus, and has enough local storage to save over 30 days of *all* this data,” Ligon wrote in the email. “This can be presumed to include your email, all the websites you visit, all the data you receive from off campus or data you send off campus.”


When campus integrative biology professor Robert Dudley received Ligon’s email, it was the first he had heard of the surveillance, and it was a “bombshell.”


“It sounds like a cover up to me. It’s really rare on a campus like Berkeley to have a true secret,” Dudley said. “Thus far, we’ve had zero transparency.”


The discovery that the university is monitoring UC Berkeley network traffic has sparked outrage among faculty members who see such undisclosed surveillance as a significant threat to privacy.



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Convert Your Content Into Slides to Increase Website Traffic

Nearly everyone in the business world has seen or created PowerPoint or Keynote presentations. PowerPoint presentations are so commonplace and notoriously boring that the term “death by PowerPoint” is a thing.


LinkedIn’s SlideShare is basically a slide-sharing service. The platform allows users to upload and share their slide decks (PowerPoint, PDF, Keynote, or OpenDocument).


Obviously, there are a lot of benefits to using SlideShare. Yet, many marketers who use the platform do so only occasionally. This is a problem because the real benefits of SlideShare build up as you add more content.


That is the basic idea. You take a great article that you produced on your blog, place the content into a slide presentation, and upload to SlideShare.


One of those powerful methods is slides. Using slides is such a strong method because you can virtually double or triple your level of with only half the work. Plus, you reach an audience that is focused, engaged, and likely to convert.



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